You know that girl you meet at the bar/club/party waiting in line for the bathroom? The one you instantly hit it off with and in your drunken and full bladder haze aren’t sure if you want to date or BE her? The one that not only changes the course of your night but the course of your whole damn life? But you never exchanged Instagrams or see each other again? Meet Serena Fucking Kerrigan: Your sexy bathroom fairy godmother granting you three wishes of confidence, connection, and lots of cackling.

Come see icon, entrepreneur, and entertainer SFK like you’ve never seen her before. If you thought watching her date 50 guys over Instagram Live was insane, then just you wait until you see her live and in person. She’s taking bathroom glam to a whole new level…literally.


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Washington DC


New York (2.14) SOLD OUT

New York (2.15) 

New York (2.16)