Let’s Fucking Date is a collection of best selling card games created by Serena Fucking Kerrigan (notoriously known as SFK) to help her fans conquer the world of dating, relationships, and all things in between. 

The first card game, Let’s Fucking Date, was born during the pandemic and was created to be enjoyed on first dates, in intimate group settings, and by couples. Since then, we have also released two additional  X-rated iterations, Let’s Fucking Fuck, and Let’s Fucking Play. The most recent card game, Let's Fucking Go, was released in November 2023. This version is notoriously known as the “golden ticket to going out” and can be played platonically with one or more of your best (or newest) friends.

Let’s Fucking Date not only represents a confident and playful approach to some of life’s most complicated interactions – LFD is a lifestyle brand that empowers you to prioritize self-love, self-care, and self-discovery.



Serena Kerrigan is a Latina Content Creator, Media Personality, and Entrepreneur, best known as the CEO of her sex-positive brand, Let's Fucking Date (LFD). 

LFD is famous for its wildly effective relationship-building card games. Serena has been celebrated for her skills as a marketing expert, confidence coach, and dating guru across major media outlets such as Forbes, Business Insider, Elle, Cosmopolitan, and more. Her unique ability to listen and engage with her audience has generated viral success and a dedicated cult following on social media. 

Serena’s bold personality and life changing mantras have inspired thousands to live their life unapologetically. At the start of 2022, Serena brought her wit, charm, and charisma center stage for a live stand-up show, “Do It for The Plot.”