What is Let’s Fucking Date?

Let’s Fucking Date is the very first Instagram Live reality show and now best-selling card games created by icon and influencer Serena Fucking Kerrigan — otherwise known as SFK.
After graduating from Duke University, Serena was hired as a producer at Refinery29. In February 2020, she quit her job to launch her own company that would empower women to live their lives unapologetically and authentically.
During quarantine, Serena took her persona to the next level when she changed the TV landscape by creating the first ever Instagram Live reality show, Let’s Fucking Date. The show, which ran for three seasons, streamed Serena’s virtual blind dates to her audience of 550k+ followers and amassed over 5 million views. What started as a way for a single woman to entertain her followers, was quickly dubbed by The Today Show as “Quarantine’s New Must-Watch.” Let’s Fucking Date became a viral phenomenon and numerous brands, including Bumble, Svedka, Bev, and Hint, paid premium rates to become sponsors and integrate their products seamlessly within the show’s ecosystem. Let’s Fucking Date was recognized as an honoree at the 2021 Webby Awards.

Why did you create the card games?

Charting LFD’s rapid growth, Serena recognized the gap in the market for dating advice tailored to the digital age. To help her fans conquer the world of dating, she created the Let’s Fucking Date card game to be enjoyed on first dates, in intimate group settings, and by couples. Since then, we have also released an X-rated version, Let’s Fucking Fuck, in June 2021 and sold twenty thousand units of the games to date. Just recently, we released a third iteration of the popular card game titled Let’s Fucking Play in November 2021. The newest version aims to bring the player closer to themselves — breaking down the stigma of self pleasure and reframing it as the ultimate act of self love.

What are the differences between the card games?

Let’s Fucking Date

LFD is our iconic OG game. Whether you’re looking to get your bed and back broken, spice up your sex life, or simply have an unforgettable time with friends, the Let’s Fucking Date card game is a guaranteed good time.

Questions range from “if you were a soup, what kind of soup would you be?” to “what’s the photo you show your friends to say ‘that’s them’?” 

Let’s Fucking Fuck

LFF is LFD’s dirtier, raunchier older sister. Whether you’re playing with a lover or friends, she’s spicy yet sophisticated with a few casual questions but ultimately leads to getting deep about sexual preferences. While none of the cards are actionable, (hello, consent!) this game definitely leads to sex when you want it to…

Questions range from “what is your dating app pet peeve?” to “tell me about the time you knew you wanted me.”

Let’s Fucking Play

LFP is the latest and highly anticipated LFD game. Whether you’re playing with yourself (you know what we mean) or with others, this game is all about self-love, self-pleasure, and confidence (duh). 

Questions range from “what brings you the most physical pleasure” to “if I could grant you one wish, what would it be?”

Can I shuffle or combine the decks?

Look, does anybody really play by the rules anyway? You’re the main character of your life — we’ll never tell you what you can or can’t do.

I want to play the card games, but I’m worried about consent…

Trust us, we are too. That’s why none of the cards in any deck are actionable. Consent and boundaries are sexy. It’s up to you and the other player(s) for how deep things go...

Who can I play the card games with?

Literally anyone. Friends, lovers, strangers, exes, waiters, coworkers, bosses, family...Okay, maybe don’t play Let’s Fucking Fuck with your parents...but buy it for them, as long as you don’t still live with them...

Where can I play the card games?

Anywhere your heart desires. We love playing it on romantic dinner dates, with groups of friends, or even in front of the Colosseum in Rome. Playing somewhere Instagram worthy? Tag us in your feed post, story @letsfuckingdate or on TikTokand we’ll reshare. The more creative or iconic the better.

What’s the best way to whip it out? 

...we hope you mean our card games...Try opening with “this icon I follow created a really cool card game. Let’s play!” Who is going to say no to that?

Is it an easy morning after clean up?

...again, we hope you’re still talking about the card games. Yes. They are. It’s a deck of cards. 52 pick up. They’re laminated so you can pretty much clean off any food...or mysterious liquids...

I’m single, can I play the LFD card games?

Yes! Play with your friends, a date, or you can just play with yourself...you know exactly what we mean.

I’m married, can I play the LFD card games?


I’m LGBTQ+, can I play the LFD card games?


I’m trying to get back together with my ex...will this help?

Listen, we don’t judge. You do you. But also, yes.

I’m trying to get back at my ex...will this help?

Yes? Happiness is the best revenge. You don’t need the help of SFK LFG LLC for that, but we’re sure our games could definitely help.

I’m trying to spice up my sex life...will this help?

Yes! We especially recommend Let’s Fucking Fuck and Let’s Fucking Play.

Will LFD get me a significant other?

No guarantees pero like, we’ve had a pretty high success rate. From defining the relationship to engagements to moving in together to conception...LFD has truly done it all. The box doesn’t lie: there’s really no telling where the conversation might lead...

I’m shipping the game to my parents’ house...am I going to get a weird text from them?

Just like sneaking out to meet up with your high school hookup, your parents will never know. We have discreet packaging and shipping. No questions will be asked. Trust us.

How long does it take to ship?

Orders go out within 24 hours of being placed on our site.

Do you ship internationally?

FUCK YES! We ship internationally. In some countries we are able to charge taxes and duties with your purchase in an effort to make your life as easy as possible!

We cannot perfectly predict or control the cost of duties, taxes, and any other fees placed on international shipments across the globe. Where applicable, the shipping carrier will reach out to you directly with your charges after the package has been ordered and shipped.

Taxes and duties will vary depending on the country you are shipping to. Please note that customs and clearance procedures can delay packages for several weeks.

All international shipments are FINAL SALE. Any refusal of international shipments may result in a restocking fee. Your shipping costs will not be refunded.

Please note that we are not responsible for lost or damaged packages when shipping internationally.

Where is LFD based?

LFD is primarily based in the greatest city on earth (NYC). We are proud to have built a strong community and fanbase all over the world from LA to Buenos Aires to London to Tokyo to Sydney and beyond.

Where can I follow for future LFD news, launches, and discounts?

@letsfuckingdate on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

Where can I submit my testimonials?

We loooove hearing your LFD stories. You can DM them to us or send them via email! Pretty soon we’ll have a place on our website for your stories...